• Welcome To Amba Bhadang

    Whether its a party, a small get together or evening snacks time, we understand the importance of having healthy yet yummy Namkeen. Feeling lazy to cook or bored of eating outside? Here try our wide range of Ready-to-Eat snack. Enjoy the rich taste of spices with rice flakes and peanuts. We assure you will not forget the taste after you try it.

  • Kolhapurs Famous Amba Bhadang now at your doorstep

    Amba Bhadang is known for its great taste since 1963. For more than 40 years Amba Bhadang is famous in Sangli-Kolhapur district of west Maharashtra. Now we want India to enjoy this great spicy product by purchasing online.

    • Awaken your taste buds with Kolhapur's famous Amba Bhadang
    • Made with selective spices and 40 year old home recipe makes Bhadang rich in taste.
    • Amba Bhadang has more than 40 years of leagacy and its been choice of all age groups.
    • With every bite of Amba Bhadang you will enjoy the rich taste and aroma.
    • Enjoy Amba Bhadang with your friends and family for snack time you will 100% love it.